Week 2- Small town USA

I live in Shelby, NC. Shelby is a small town on the SE part of NC. A lot of people say that Shelby doesn’t have anything for them and that they will move but I have a different view point. I love the fact that when you go somewhere you always see somebody you  know and everyone’s friendlier. I like that close knit community idea of things. Even though today in bigger cities that’s
would be a dream world. Another influential factor is that I have grown up in a small town surrounded by a great family my entire life. Where summer is the best time of the year because schools out and you have time to hang out with
family and friends a lot more. But one of the highlights of summer even after the vacations and trips are over is the American Legion World Series (ALWS). The ALWS is the leagues world series tournament for young men under 19 to play teams across the country. This being said the ALWS is in my city and the newly renovated stadium is at my High School just a few miles from my house. This is a fun time for me in the summer. That’s why i like living in a small town. You have a close community and you get to run around and have fun. This is one of the things that people miss because their to distracted by the new and flashy. This is what I love about Small town USA.

2012 blogging challenge

Week 1: To begin, my name is Chance R. I am sophomore at Shelby High and I play Soccer and I like anything related to sports or outdoors. I am constantly either playing sports or watching them. When I’m not on the soccer field, there is a big chance I’m somewhere camping or hiking. Either with my family, Scout troop, or just some friends. One of the things I enjoy the most about camping is being able to talk to people and enjoy the outdoors without distractions of this fast paced world. This is one of the more calmed and relaxing things I like to do. On the other hand I am very active in my youth group and community. I hope to have my Eagle Scout within the next month and do many projects through scouting and through my Church. My youth group has affected me in almost every place in my life. It has affected my friends, attitude, music, and the way I act. The last thing you should know about ne is that I have a good relationship with my family. This is a problem in todays world with the average marriage lasting only a pitiful low of nine years. I am defenitly not saying that I never argue with anyone, because frankly that would be a lie. What I mean is I try to spend as much time as I can with my grandparents as well as my immediate family because I know how fast time fly’s and that I won’t have them forever. This is basically a look on the outside and inside of me.

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The diminishing world of readers

We live in a generation were gratification is instant. Where people can talk to people around the world almost instantaneously. We humans are busier than ever, we have less and less times to just sit down and get lost in a good book. It’s no surprise that adults and especially young teens are reading less books than they used to. I believe that this is because of the increase in technology. People now may just plop down on a couch and watch TV, or surf the webs amously for hours. For a lot of people looking at their facebook page or watching funny videos on youtube seems to be more pleasing and fulfilling. This is especially damaging the amount of teen readers. The current teenagers are the ones that grew up in the technological world, which makes them use more technology than someone who was born in 1950, because they have not been surrounded by technology like the current generation has.

Poverty Paper

Aristotle once said “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime”(Quotes and Famous Sayings – The Quotations Page). A very true quote that backs up mine and many scholars opinions on the effects on poverty. These are just some of the effects that poverty has on people. But there is a reason you are impoverished. Whether a bad business deal or credit fraud, or maybe just not being able to be independent because of your jobs low pay. But its no shock that with all the people looking for jobs now days, its hard to find a good paying job with no high school or college education. Statistics prove that 9.4 percent of High School graduates are unemployed while only 4.2 percent of college graduates are unemployed (Your Home for Free Market News and Ideas). This is a huge statistic that is hard to ignore. Also the average High School graduate earns 25 thousand a year on average, while the average college graduate earns 40 thousand a year(“Institute of education sciences”).This is hard for many people born in poverty because there parents cannot afford to send them to college, thus repeating the cycle. This cycle has changed drastically since the 1950’s(Brooks-Gunn, and Duncan). Fifty or sixty years ago you didn’t need to have a college education or really even a high school diploma because then you could just drop out and get a job in the mills. The baby boomer generation made jobs much more competitive.

People who live in lower income areas are more likely to commit a crime, or to be the victim of a crime(“Economist”). According to statistics, the majority of states with high poverty rates also had high crime rates(Walletpop). In several cases the rankings were almost identical. For instance Louisiana has the 3rd highest crime rate, but also the 2nd highest poverty rate(“Economy statistics > percent below poverty level (most recent) by state”). This is a unavoidable fact. It clearly states the effects that poverty is currently having on our country. This is a disputable but evident fact that just displays the cycle of poverty and how it keeps us trapped. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”(Tangredi). People continue to live in the same broken down neighborhoods and towns and expected for there kids to have a good future. They need to move or in some way have a drastic change somewhere in their life.

As humans we typically do not like to take the blame for our mistakes, we like to blame it on others(edberg). This may be because it helps us feel good about ourselves and that most problems are not our fault. Not always but in some cases it leads to people disliking others because they say its there fault for them being low. It is a fact that minorities have a higher percentage of being impoverished.Some reasons are there parents didn’t have a lot of money because there ancestors were in slaved or foreign.The discrimination was much more relevant back in the 1950’s because racism was still much alive.

Unfortunately when people have stress because of their financial problems they tend to turn to drugs and alcohol for relieve. This is a big part of the book raisin in the sun. Walter turns to alcohol in the story because of his depression about not having enough money. But now drugs are much easier to come by. People are much quicker to turn to drugs and alcohol now because its so relevant in today’s society. Drugs and alcohol do nothing but give you some short term benefits and a lot of long term problems. These substances can really mess with your health.

What you may not know is people living in poverty have a significant lower life expectancy than people not living in it. The average life expectancy in the US is 78.1 compared to the 1950’s life expectancy of about 68-70. A typical middle class male will live to be about 78, while a man that has lived in poverty the majority of his life can expect to live around 74-75 years(Google)The gap is because people in poverty are more likely not go to the doctor because of he high cost. People living in poverty are also more likely to become victims of crimes. The third main reason is because they are the most likely to abuse drugs because of their problems and stress they have to deal with.

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Metamorphosis paper

The book the Metamorphosis is about a man who wakes up to find out he has transformed into a giant bug. But it doesn’t stop there. Gregor continues to gradually become more like a bug but also more human like at the same time. But one of the things that you have to look deeper to see is his human transformation. He also becomes more human like while becoming more bug like.

A good example of how Gregor becomes more buggy even after his initial renewal. For instance in the book it says ” He tried out his feelers.” This indicated that he is learning how to use his bug body more. He continued to use them until the point he could utilize them for task he could have never done before. He climbed onto the ceiling and stayed there for the majority of his time rather than lay under his bed. He did this unto the point where his sister removed the bed and other furniture from his room. She removed almost all of it except for a picture. Her removing everything would be suggestion that he had lost all of his humanity, and i think he strived to stay human, in a sense at least.

That picture is a superb example of Gregor not being completely bug, but very much human. When Gregor wakes up the first thing that he worries about is being late for work. He doesn’t even worry about the fact that he is a 7 foot bug. This shows the heavy load that he has to carry because of his dads business mistakes. He even tries to get his sister to go to the college of her dreams, even though she is the one that feeds him.  He is very unselfish and has compassion for others. Something a bug doesn’t have. Which proves Gregor is very human.

The juxtaposition in the metamorphosis is fairly simple to understand. Its making us question what we are here for, and it makes us look deeper at the way we are living. It makes us want to not be so routine and the same. Its saying you should not live behind your office cubicle but have a family, see the world, and live your life to the fullest because you only have one and sitting inside watching TV and playing video games or just working all day seven days a week is not living. The question what we are here for is a hard question to concept. For me I think we are here to Glorify God and better his kingdom, but a scientist may just say dark matter led to something which led to a big bang which created us.  Despite all of our differences we need to be a little different have some fun instead of letting our lives consume us.



The Cardiac Pack rallies back

NC State played a much weaker Maryland team. But that didn’t stop Maryland from getting a 41-14 lead in the early 3rd quarter, after NC State fumbled three times on there first four possessions. But with NC State needing a victory to advance to a bowl game, the wolfpack didn’t give up. The Pack finished off a drive in the first four seconds of the fourth quarter to add a touchdown which would put the Pack still down 41-28. The Wolfpack quickly forced a Terrapin fumble. After a few more plays Mike Glennon sneaked it in to make the score 41-35. Then Maryland came knocking on the NC State doorstep but Terrell Manning saved the day with a interception which he returned to the 40 yard line. State continued to drive down the field until James Washington ran it in to give NC State there first lead of the game. NC State quickly scored again to put State even further ahead at 49-41. C.J. Wilson intercepted a Maryland pass and took it back to the house for the Cardiac Packs victory at 56-41.

Doll’s House Greed

Greed is something that humans struggle with and are consumed by. In 2011 and the current world everything is about me. How much money do I make? How big is my house? All of these point to the selfish nature of humans. In the play “The Dolls house” a family is ruined thanks to many key factors including greed, dishonesty, self-pride. In “The Dolls House” Nora borrows money and forges her dead dad’s signature in order to get money to send her husband to Italy and so she can stay home and live well beyond her means. Nora’s pride and self esteem causes her to make purchases for stuff she could not afford. So eventually she could not pay back Krogstad for all the money she borrowed. Krogstad infuriated decided into him blackmailing her. He said that she had to make her husband give him a job. It didn’t work. So Krogstad stuck a letter in the Helmer’s mailbox. Nora couldn’t decide whether to take the letter out of the mailbox, so here husband wouldn’t find out. But then she relized he would find out eventually so he just let him open it. Torvald was extremely mad when he found out. He was so upset because he thought Krogstad would go tell everyone about what his wife Nora did and would cause him to lose his job. Torvald was extremely relived when Krogstad said he would keep all of this to himself. Even though he forgave her she still was corrupted by her past. After all of this she had a epiphany about her and her husband Torvald’s relationship. She came to the conclusion that the only reason she ever had any love for him was not love for him but love for his money. Thats a example of how money and power can corrupt people, and how if you marry for money and not love, the relationship is set for failure. This is not just true for the 1800’s, it is also true for current times. To hear this story back in the 1800’s was way worse than we perceive it now. But it is still a very depressing story no matter when you hear it. Unfortunetly greed is more prevalent in our current society, so things like this happen almost regulerly. So the moral is to watch what you put all your time, thoughts, money into because it effects more than you.


Anyone who has played a team sport knows about refs. Some are decent other absolutely suck. The ref for the Shelby vs Salisbury western final game was one of the sucky refs. After only a few minutes into the game the ref gave Mason McCarter a red card. For those who dont know much about soccer a red card ejects you from the current game and the game following. Let me just say there was no foul and Hellen Keller would have done a better job. He also gave Shem Blackley a red for another very questionable call. But yet the ref didn’t call anything on Salisbury who was much physical. So there you have it a great Shelby high soccer team with only one close loss to a school that didnt deserve it. I just want to say to the refs I have loss all of my respect for you.